Our health is linked to our entire life story

I believe our health is linked to our entire story, the cumulative effects of our past and present, the challenges we have faced on our life journey, combined with the multiple lifestyle choices we make every day.

Any emotional and psychological trauma from our past can impact our health long term. As can the choices we make about the food we eat, how we sleep and move, how exposed we are to toxicity in our environments, the stress we are under and how we manage it.

The Lifestyle Levers that Affect our Health

The Lifestyle Levers that Affect our Health

A whole-person approach can reveal hidden root causes of illness

Diagnosing and naming a chronic illness is not enough to understand its origins, and managing symptoms solely with drugs does not help restore the landscape of health that is needed for the illness to resolve.

Working as a ‘health detective’ with my client, and putting together all the pieces of the complex puzzle of their life story, is an important part of revealing where the root causes of illnesses hide. Combining this with Functional Medicine laboratory testing allows us to target the best ways to restore health.

The whole-person approach I use with my clients is fed by my past years working in medicine, across the world, with people of many backgrounds and cultures, and my own personal experience of difficult life events. These have combined over time to refine my observational and listening skills, my ability to tune-in to a person's wider health story and share my diverse insights into health creation.

Revealing the root causes of Symptoms


Our health is highly determined by the challenges of our life experience, and chronic illness is often the end result of prolonged psychological and emotional stress. We all know of situations where a chronic illness has begun during or after a difficult period in life.

Pharmaceutical drugs can often manage symptoms of stress, but rarely address the root cause and ongoing drivers of the stress response, and it’s wide ranging impact on the body. If severe stress continues, so will the stress-related inflammatory mechanisms that continue to drive the disease process.

I use Bio-Energy techniques with my clients, for stress management and emotional trauma support.

Through helping to regulate the autonomic nervous system (involved in both stress/fight-flight and relaxation responses), this approach helps re-connect highly stressed clients to a state of calm they may not have experienced in many years, and as a result find difficult to achieve themselves. 

Through this supported re-discovery of calm, clients gradually gain insight, confidence, and the skills, to explore and develop their connection to a different way of life. One where stress is handled in a new way, so it no longer exerts such a powerful pathological effect.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first came for a Bio-Energy session, but it felt quite unbelievable and unlike anything I have ever experienced before. A wonderful feeling of being in a deeply relaxing state and releasing internal blockages.

Joanna, London

As well as being a multi-faceted and skilled professional, Marianne is a person who applies genuine care and compassion to her approach - actively listening and creating a safe environment.

Terese, London

Marianne’s Bio-Energy techniques for deep relaxation and healing purposes are amazing and so effective that I am regularly travelling from Switzerland for her sessions.

Livia, Zurich

I suffered with debilitating migraines for many years but nothing helped. After just one appointment with Marianne there was a big shift for me and my migraine frequency decreased by 70% in a month!

Mireille, London