Rebalancing Health ABOUT ME


I qualified as a doctor in 1994, at Manchester School of Medicine in the UK.  After working in the NHS I trained in Tropical Medicine and went on to have an international career working with leading NGOs across the world.

My long-standing interest in healthy living deepened through my own health journey, after a major road accident whilst working overseas. Excellent medical services saved my life, but seemed unable to help me return to full health in the longer term. I had lost the robust good health I had previously enjoyed and was left struggling for several years with chronic fatigue and multiple chronic health problems.

Thankfully I discovered Functional & Lifestyle Medicine testing and interventions, along with Bio-Energy techniques, which gave me back my health and allowed me to live my life to the full again.

Knowing what a difference this approach made to me, inspired me to study Functional & Lifestyle Medicine myself and share the life-changing benefits of this work with others. 

Portrait of Dr Marianne Parry
Dr Marianne Parry

Marianne Parry is exactly what I was searching for - a highly qualified yet caring professional, who looks at her clients as a whole – not just at their itchy skin, troublesome digestive tract or emotional problems.

Evelyn, London

You feel Marianne’s warmth and empathy, which comes of her own profound experience of trauma.

Alex, London

Marianne creates an atmosphere that makes one feel safe and calm. A very warm person. I would highly recommend Marianne.

Joanna, London

I am impressed with the extent of Marianne’s knowledge, and ability to communicate it to me in a comprehensive way. Each session has left me feeling progressively better and calmer in myself.

Terese, London