Using detailed history taking, I gather a full picture of your health in the context of your complete life story. WHAT TO

I work closely with my clients to co-create a personalised Health Plan

I work closely with my clients, in regular 1 hour appointments, to co-create a personalised Health Plan as a road-map back to optimal health. 

Working together as you share your story, we gather a full picture of where your health is today in the context of your complete life journey and your whole-self (physical, emotional and psychological).

A comprehensive understanding of your past and current lifestyle patterns is built up in the sessions, alongside a simple lifestyle diary you keep between appointments.

Combining this, with the latest in Functional Medicine and Genomics testing adds another useful information source. Helping to identify genetic predispositions and vulnerabilities, reveal highly specific nutritional deficiencies, locate malabsorption risks, assess chemical toxic loading and much more.

In progressive, manageable steps, I support my clients in adopting a comprehensive, health-giving behaviour pattern that is sustainable for the long term. My translation of the science of Lifestyle Medicine gives them the confidence to continue making informed and positive lifestyle choices for their future.

It has been a great learning journey for me in nutrition and healthy lifestyle, and also importantly through unfolding emotions and traumas with Bio-Energy, removing obstacles to my creativity and happiness.

Tomasso, London

If you’ve tried everything else and no-one can give you any answers, you can trust Marianne to help … and always with her warmth and generosity of spirit.

Nathalie, London

I feel so fortunate to have been steered in Marianne’s direction. What we are achieving together has already been so transformative. I feel a level of health and energy that I cannot remember feeling for many years, if ever.

Evelyn, London

Her Bio-Energy sessions were a revelation for me, inducing a deep relaxation in which I experienced a liberating mind-shift.

Alex, London

Marianne has so much knowledge, and explained it so well, that it all made sense straight away. She’s calm, grounded and so attentive that you instantly feel confident you’re in good hands.

Mireille, London